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Beijer Electronics with Korenix Technology Empowering the Digitalization in the Industries

An Interview with Beijer Electronics with Korenix Technology

Hector Lin, APAC Sales Director at Beijer Electronics with Korenix Technology

1. In the post-pandemic era, what are the product highlights, technical breakthroughs, and market opportunities for Beijer Electronics with Korenix?

As entering the post-pandemic era, enterprises need to upgrade their intelligence technologies. The global wave of net zero carbon emissions sets off the change in procurement decisions and processes. The green supply chain is becoming a trend and a need. Beijer Group’s operating strategy, with good results in response to these two needs, provides factory digitization solutions and expands product application from manufacturing to the semiconductor.

2. The pandemic issue comes up and down. Which product lines increase more opportunities in markets? Are there any changes in customers’ requirements?

The pandemic has forced enterprises to accelerate the transformation of intelligent manufacturing. Beijer Group’s innovative human-machine series X2 and BoX2, equipped with the integration of SECS/GEM protocol standards, can help equipment manufacturers quickly edit SECS/GEM through the seamless integration of C# and SML via the builtin Beijer Electronics’ iX visualization software.

The GEM communication protocol solves the problems faced by machinery and equipment, such as complicated manufacturing processes and complex integration of many PLC brands in the underlying new and old equipment. X2 and BoX2 enable intelligent manufacturing and automated production management.

X2 Smart HMI | Digitalize your machine

3. 5G subscription is expected to double across Southeast Asia in 2022. What is Beijer Electronics with Korenix’s plan to sustain itself in the long run?

Korenix has a series of Industrial Cellular Gateways products that help facilitate a wide range of network technologies, from Fast Ethernet ports to 3G/4G LTE and 5G cellular communication. Also, the series of products supports SECS/GEM, the most popular brands of PLC, and IT/ IoT protocols to explore the industry 4.0 architecture.

For the 5G application, we have a success story for the industrial facility digitalization with 5G communication. It is the private 5G infrastructure for an industrial site. The private 5G architecture is becoming to be noticed by industrial applications. It is with the benefit of wide bandwidth for wireless network backbone and the lower installation and maintenance cost for network infrastructure due to no wiring engineering work.

Of course, it is just in the beginning stage. We keep watching the marketing trend. For development and technology, we collaborate with our solution partners to leverage the resource and investment for this solution to manage the risk.

X2 series

4. Important trend development observation and related investment progress.

Beijer Electronics has caught up with the rising trend of electric vehicles worldwide by providing Taiwan electric vehicle charging solutions. The human machine interface (HMI) products are equipped with EV charging solutions, using Beijer’s self-developed iX software to achieve information streaming with minimal equipment. The charging pile information in various categories, such as customer payment information, charging status, and equipment health status, are transmitted to the operation background for integrated management through the Internet of Things.

Presently, Beijer has successfully connected with the top three manufacturers in the industry in Taiwan. Beijer has also been actively optimizing the iX software in the past two years, including adding various communication protocols and developing database integration modules, which can solve the design problems of diverse customers and increase the adaptability of customization.


5. Could you talk about your prospect for the market in the second half of this year?

Generally, in the first half of this year, Beijer Electronics had outstanding performance mainly due to iX software products, which are more widely accepted by the market now. The second half of the year is expected to continue to grow. Beijer Electronics will focus on two main products to drive performance.

The first one is the Gateway combined with HMI display, which has two functions in one and at a very reasonable price. The other one is the Wireless network equipment. Its cost is lower than the wiring network structure. In the current lack of materials and labor challenges, the built-in iX software can integrate data and make it convenient for customers to arrange the production process flexibly and increase productivity.

Box2 Family


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