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World's Industrial Giants Meet at Manufacturing World Japan 2023

Tokyo, Japan - The Tokyo Big Sight exhibition complex will play host to one of the biggest and most prominent industrial exhibitions in the world, Manufacturing World Japan 2023 on June 21-23, 2023.

As of February 24, 2023, the number of visitors and exhibitors was forecasted. Manufacturing World Japan this year is anticipated to draw more than 60,000 guests and 2,000 exhibitors, coming back full swing after Covid19 influence.

In addition to Tokyo leg, there will be an exhibition in Nagoya on April 12-14 first, in which there will be over 25,000 visitors and 480 exhibitors. Next to Tokyo is the Osaka exhibition on October 4-6 that will have 35,000 visitors and 1,250 exhibitors. Lastly, it is expected to have 20,000 visitors and 400 exhibitors for the newly launched Fukuoka exhibition on November 29 to December 1.

The Tokyo show which is obviously the largest exhibition will include a broad array of products, including digital transformation and IT solutions like AI/IoT solutions, computer-aided design and engineering or CAD & CAE, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and production management systems, as well as mechanical components such as motion control and material processing technologies. Other featured products will include additive manufacturing (AM), 3D printers, measuring equipment, sensors, and factory facilities.

Visitors can enjoy a comprehensive look into the world of manufacturing, as the event covers all aspects of the process, from the initial design and development stages to the final production and logistics. This provides visitors with a unique opportunity to gain insight into the latest trends and technologies in the industry, as well as to learn about the various challenges and opportunities faced by manufacturers in today's global market.

Additionally, visitors can interact with exhibitors from a wide range of industries, including automotive, heavy industry, electric, machinery, and precision equipment manufacturers from around the world. Professionals attending the event will have the chance to network, exchange ideas, learn about current market trends, and find new products and services to improve their production operations.

Whether one is a manufacturer looking to stay up to date on the latest developments in the field, or simply an interested individual wanting to learn more about the industry, Manufacturing World Japan will provide unique and informative experience.

Register today and join the Industrial Revolution at Manufacturing World Japan 2023!


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