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The 2024 Asia Pacific Semiconductor Summit & Expo (APSSE) will be held in Penang, Malaysia.

Malaysia is the highest producer of chips in Southeast Asia, holding a significant position in the global semiconductor supply chain. China, as the largest market for the semiconductor industry, is increasingly strengthening its cooperation with Malaysia in this field.

Penang, Malaysia, known as the "Silicon Valley of the East," is a crucial hub for the global semiconductor supply chain enterprises, hosting 70% of Malaysia's semiconductor-related companies. Penang offers world-class infrastructure and logistics services, gradually building a mature industrial supply chain system. As one of the manufacturing centers in Southeast Asia, Penang plays a critical role in Malaysia's GDP growth. This beautiful coastal city is showcasing its importance and immense potential in the semiconductor industry.

With its abundant geographical advantages, ample market demand, and diverse industrial sectors—including integrated circuits, semiconductor devices, LEDs, TFT (panels), as well as photovoltaics and energy storage—the Asia-Pacific region has gradually become a vital hub for the global semiconductor industry.

Against this backdrop, the 2024 Asia-Pacific Semiconductor Industry Expo (APSSE) has chosen Penang as the venue for its inaugural event.

APSSE will feature a combination of exhibitions, forums, and business tours, bringing together industry elites from around the world. We look forward to exploring future development trends, innovation, and collaboration in the semiconductor industry with you.

Exhibition Scope of APSSE: integrated circuit design, manufacturing, packaging, semiconductor equipment, materials and components, LED equipment and materials, panel equipment and materials, photovoltaic production equipment, photovoltaic cells and modules, photovoltaic-related components and raw materials, energy storage technology equipment and materials, charging piles, etc.

Industry Forums and Expert Lectures: Multiple thematic forums and technical seminars will invite industry experts and business leaders to deliver speeches, discuss future development trends and innovative technologies in the semiconductor industry, and share successful cases and experiences.

Business Tours and Exchanges: Participants will have the opportunity to visit representative semiconductor industrial parks and leading semiconductor companies in Penang for on-site visits and exchanges.

We sincerely invite friends from the global semiconductor industry to participate in the 2024 Asia-Pacific Semiconductor Summit and Expo, to witness the innovation and development of the semiconductor industry together. Let's meet in Penang this October! Let's meet at APSSE!



About the 2024 Asia-Pacific Semiconductor Summit &Expo

Date: October 16-18, 2024

Venue: Setia SPICE Convention Centre


People's Government of Penang, Malaysia

Malaysia Semiconductor Industry Association


Industrial Park of Penang, Malaysia

Malaysia Semiconductor Industry Association

Vietnam Semiconductor Industry Association

China Electronics Special Equipment Industry Association

Jiangsu Semiconductor Industry Association

Shanghai Solar Energy Society


Shanghai Fengmi Cloud Media Technology Co., Ltd



Exhibition Zone

Booth booking contact:Anny Zhou

Mobile: 18512101025(WeChat)


Visitor registration


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