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Selangor Research, Development and Innovation Expo 2021 (SRIE) To Showcase Hybrid & Virtual

Selangor Research, Development and Innovation Expo 2021 (SRIE) To Showcase Hybrid & Virtual Inventions and Innovations

The 2 nd Selangor Research, Development and Innovation Expo 2021 (SRIE 2021) themed Inspiring Tomorrow, Today is back from 18th till 21st November 2021 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre under the umbrella of the 5th Selangor International Business Summit 2021 (SIBS).

The hybrid SRIE 2021 will be held physically at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur and virtually on the portal. Participants can showcase their latest inventions and ideas to investors, manufacturers and marketeers in ASEAN and beyond.

Selangor Research, Development and Innovation Expo 2021 (SRIE 2021) paves the way to encourage direct peer engagement for higher level deal making, coinvestments, strategic partnerships and business networking while solidifying the Selangor state’s position in the global world of innovations. The decision to hold SRIE 2021 as a hybrid event is to enable businesses to still network with stakeholders worldwide despite travel restrictions due to the pandemic.

SRIE 2021 is also a key business thought leadership platform, with several forums to discuss the current challenges and the way forward. SRIE 2021 provides a platform for inventions to be discovered and find investors for commercialisation. Participants can connect & collaborate with a broader R&D community including potential business partners, venture capitalists, investors and government agencies. Participants can also expect to explore new opportunities with a targeted audience and network with inventors, innovators and industry experts.

Visitors can gain knowledge and stay updated through the parallel knowledge sharing programmes available. They can also explore the latest developments in the science, technology and innovation industry. There will also be a Research & Development competition and a pitching session for Selangor’s Research, Development and Innovation (R, D&I Expo) held at SRIE2021. It is hoped that with the vaccination push under “Operation Surge Capacity” and the state government’s SELVAX initiative, the pandemic situation will have improved by November and will give trade visitors and participants more confidence to visit the exhibitions and conduct business through SIBS 2021.

Of course, the event will be held in strict compliance with the safety guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia. November will be another busy month for Invest Selangor as they are set to host two significant trade-related events. We look forward to meeting all trade visitors and participants at KLCC and virtually at portal. See you in November 2021!


SRIE is a component of the 5th Selangor International Business Summit 2021 comprising of 6 events. Invest Selangor’s SIBS will be even bigger this year. Participants can access a rich selection of on-demand content, do digital networking through an interactive user chat interface, meet virtually with potential partners through its B2B business-matching feature, and so much more.

The six main event components, comprising:

  1. The 7th Selangor International Expo (F&B) 2021

  2. The 5th Selangor ASEAN Business Conference (SABC) 2021

  3. The 6th Selangor Smart City & Digital Economy Convention (SDEC) 2021

  4. The 2nd Selangor R&D and Innovation Expo (SRIE) 2021

SIBS 2021 to introduce two new events components this year, which are:

  1. Selangor International Expo (MEDIC) 2021

  2. Selangor Industrial Park Expo (SPARK) 2021

Besides the main events, several business conferences and networking activities have also been planned. These include:

  1. Malaysia China Entrepreneurs Conference

  2. Selangor International Culinary Festival

  3. Selangor International Healthcare Conference


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