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Register Now for Free Admission to the Most Influential Optoelectronic Event in China

As world’s largest and most influential optoelectronics event, CIOE 2020 ( The 22nd China International Optoelectronic Exposition) will be held on September 9-11, 2020 at the new biggest venue Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center. Featuring 160,000 ㎡ exhibition area and nearly 3000 exhibitors, it showcases to global optoelectronic professionals and buyers the world’s most completed optoelectronic ecosystems from components, devices, equipment and to various optoelectronic applications. With the more organized floor plan, it integrates 6 sub-expos under one roof covering information and communication, precision optics, laser technologies, infrared applications, optoelectronic sensors and photonics innovation.

What will CIOE 2020 exhibit?

The highly recommended show by optoelectronic professionals, CIOE - Information and Communication Expo covers optical chips, optical devices, fiber optic cables, optical modules, and optical equipment which shows in great demands of infrastructure construction especially in 5G, data centers, IIoT and AI. The other flagship sub-expo is Precision Optics, Lens & Camera Module Expo, which shows the entire optics supply chain including optical materials, components, optical imaging measurement and optical instruments, optical processing equipment, sapphire and touch screen manufacturing. China’s only infrared show CIOE - Infrared Applications Expo plays a pivotal role for China and around the world to fight against the pandemic caused by COVID-19. It presents IR products and technologies from the infrared material and components, infrared thermal imaging technologies and devices to THz monitoring and imaging, to meet the tremendous demands on mass temperature screening in the public places.

CIOE - Optoelectronic Sensor Expo will showcase the new products and technologies of LiDAR, millimeter wave radar, 3D sensing, visual sensing, fiber optic sensors, Internet of Things and other related sectors. The Lasers Technology & Intelligent Manufacturing Expo will focus on the area of fine processing, particularly the application scenario of ultra-fast lasers in consumer electronics, hard brittle and flexible materials processing and in 5G. The latest advanced photonics research incubated products or technologies will be presented in CIOE - Photonics Innovation Expo by national research institutes and universities.

What exhibitors will take part in CIOE 2020?

The international leading optoelectronic enterprises will exhibit at CIOE 2020 to attract around 80,000 buyers and industry peers, such as MACOM, SONY, II-VI PHOTONICS, INSIGA, SENKO, SCHOTT AG, Hisilicon, INNOLIGHT, Accelink, Hisense, O-NET, CIG, Gigalight, Eoptolink, Linktel, Mitsubishi, Murata, Hengtong, YOFC, ZTT, SDGI; Sunny optical, Phenix, DESAY, FOCtek, HITRONICS, LCE-Optics, Mahr, Mitutoyo, CORNING, SCHOTT, BRUKER, FANUC, Panasonic, GO Edmund; GUIDE INFRARED, HIKVISION, THORLABS, THALES, LYNRED, DALI, SAT, JIR, GRIEOM, IP-OPTICS, CETC, RICOM, ULIRVISION, SUNELL, SYSUMBOY, KEII, Newport, PULSAR; Velodyne, Ouster, Baraj, Robosense, Leishen, On Semiconductor, Zvision, Zhisensor, Lorentech, Smart SCI&TECH, Hypersen, Acus, OPNOUS, Neuvition, V-sensor, LITRA; Han's Laser, Derui- Laser, Yanglaser, Everbright, Bellinlaser, Vilaser, Raybow Opto, Xi photonics, Light Conversion, Altechna, Ekspla, Workshop of Photonics, QS Lasers, Direct Machining Control, Optogama, etc.

What concurrent events and service you will enjoy at CIOE 2020?

Concurrent with CIOE 2020, over 60 forums and conferences, seminars and networking activities between China and international peers will be organized to assist your network expansion. Besides, we provide comprehensive service for international visitors by offering invitation letters for VISA application, hotel booking and free shuttle bus, etc. CIOE is known as an annual industry gathering where you could source products, find suppliers, meet partners and collect latest market information.

Register now for your free admission to begin the one-stop sourcing trip!

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