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Pure and Ultra-Pure Water Treatment Systems

Not just clean, but pure. For more than 30 years, EnviroFALK GmbH has been designing, manufacturing, and selling pure and ultra-pure water systems for a wide range of industries worldwide. Fundamentally, water, as it comes out of the tap, does not present a challenge for process sensors. Ultra-pure water, however, is a whole different story. The sensors used in these treatment processes have to be much more efficient and robust.

Everyone who has tried to clean a surface with tap water is familiar with the effect: You might find that unsightly stains appear. On window panes or drinking glasses, this effect may only disturb our aesthetical perception, but in industrial processes, it can seriously compromise the quality of products. For example, where treated water is used to rinse processed metal parts to remove oils and coolants, to prepare them for subsequent coating or electroplating. Or in the optics industry and in medical technology, where rinsing water must not leave any residue after drying.

The solution: Pure water. This water contains no dissolved minerals, salts, or bacteria. Depending on the quality grade, the term pure or ultra-pure water is used. Another eye-catcher of the products is the SU-type ultrasonic flow meter for precise flow rate measurement of ultrapure water.

Also relevant to the customer is the quantity of pure water available at the end of the treatment process. During reverse osmosis, the feed stream is separated into a pure water stream, referred to as permeate, and a concentrated stream, which contains the particles. For example, by comparing both quantities, the plant operator can see that filters require maintenance or that the feed stream is heavily contaminated with foreign substances. To obtain an exact result, the flow rate must be precisely measured at several points in the system.

For this purpose, sensor specialist IFM has developed the SU-type ultrasonic flow meter for ultra-pure water applications, which can detect flow rates of up to 1,000 l/min with high precision. Thanks to ultrasound technology, this also applies to ultra-pure water with low conductivity as it is produced in the plants at EnviroFALK. In combination with the conductivity sensors of the LDL family, reliable control of the quality and quantity can be established in the filtration process.

The measuring pipe of the flow meter is made of higher-grade stainless steel and is free of measuring elements, seals, and moving parts. This means that faults caused by deposits, damage, leaks, or blockages, which can occur in mechanical systems such as impellers or turbines, or designrelated pressure drops as they occur with other measuring principles, are excluded from the outset. The measuring pipe made entirely of stainless steel eliminates the need for material compatibility tests of electrodes or seals and allows easy, complete, and residue-free cleaning.

The LED, which can symbolize signal strength, serves as an additional visual indicator of a stable process. A dropping value can be an indicator of particles, air bubbles, or deposits on the inner wall of the pipe. It is in IFM interest to contribute to the successful implementation of the digitalization initiative ‘Making Indonesia 4.0’; “By offering our expertise locally, we will from now on provide Indonesian companies with even more tailor-made support in the digitalization of their production processes” explained Michael Marhofer, Chairman of the Board as Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo and German Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited IFM stand at the Hannover Messe April 2023.

To do so at the beginning of March, IFM opened a new location in Jakarta, Indonesia to accompany the digitalization of the Asian economic area with a stronger presence. Get in touch with us today at or call us at +62 21 8967 7410 and learn how we can help you optimize your technical processes and seamlessly integrate our solutions into your organization. Let’s work together to drive your business toward success.


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