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Phoenix Contact Marks a Century of Innovation and Success, Hosts 100th Year Celebratory Event in Singapore

Phoenix Contact, a leading provider of electrical engineering and automation solutions, marked a significant milestone in its illustrious history with a grand celebratory dinner to commemorate its 100th anniversary. The event, held on October 16, 2023, at Paulaner Brauhaus Singapore, brought together key stakeholders and valued customers in a jubilant celebration of a century of unwavering commitment to excellence.

A Night of Excellence

The celebration was graced by distinguished guests, including Dr. Teo-Koh Sock Miang, President of the Singapore National Paralympic Council (SNPC), and esteemed leaders from Phoenix Contact, including the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Mr. Torsten Janwlecke, alongside the company’s shareholders, Ms. Christine Eisert and Ms. Barbara von Braunbehrens. Their presence alongside key partners in the region added an extra layer of significance to the event, underscoring Phoenix Contact’s deep-rooted commitment to the community and its partners.

Championing Abilities: Partnership with the Singapore National Paralympic Council

In a testament to its dedication to making a positive impact within the community, Phoenix Contact Southeast Asia established its partnership with the SNPC in March 2023. This partnership with the SNPC reflects Phoenix Contact Southeast Asia’s dedication to empowering individuals and promoting inclusivity within the community. It underscores the company’s belief in the transformative power of sports and its ability to inspire and uplift lives.

One of the highlights of this partnership is the “Blaze to 100,000km” campaign, a fitness challenge designed to encourage employees to lead active lives and collectively cover an impressive 100,000 kilometers. This distance mirrors the distance between Phoenix Contact Southeast Asia and its headquarters in Blomberg, Germany. With every kilometer achieved, Phoenix Contact Southeast Asia will donate a sum to the SNPC as a direct support of the dreams and aspirations of these remarkable athletes.

To date, Phoenix Contact Southeast Asia has donated $50,000 to the SNPC and is hopeful about the continuation of this meaningful partnership. As the evening progressed, Mr. Torsten Janwlecke, COO of Phoenix Contact, took the stage to express his gratitude towards the employees and partners who have been instrumental in the company’s success over the past century. “We have been here in Southeast Asia now, for 25 years, a quarter of our company’s development. With the support of our employees and partners, the whole region offers a prosperous business opportunity in the years to come,” he remarked.

A Glimpse into the Next Century

With a legacy of excellence and a forward-looking approach, Phoenix Contact is poised to continue driving positive change and leaving an indelible mark on the industry for generations to come. Driven by a vision of a sustainable future, Phoenix Contact aims to harness the collective power of its people, partners, and communities to continue pushing boundaries and set new benchmarks in

the electrical engineering and automation industry.

“We have placed in our mission, the word “together” as our company’s vision,” remarked Mr. Torsten Janwlecke.

“It signifies that Phoenix Contact as a company, drives our business through collaboration and working together. With employees, we wish to be good employers and to service our staff so they feel motivated. The same is true for our customers, where we strive to be a reliable and trusted partner to achieve business success but also make a positive impact on the world around us.

Beyond a reflection of the company’s rich history, the centennial celebrations are a resounding declaration of the company’s enduring commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and progress. For more information about Phoenix Contact and its centennial achievements, please visit

About Phoenix Contact Southeast Asia

Phoenix Contact Southeast Asia is a subsidiary of Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, a global market leader in the field of electrical engineering. With a strong presence in Southeast Asia, the company provides cutting-edge solutions for various industries, in the field of automation, connectivity, and control technology. With a 25-year legacy of excellence, Phoenix Contact Southeast Asia is committed to shaping a sustainable future through collaborative partnerships, technological innovation, and community engagement.


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