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MTE 2022 Awards & Expo Opens for Award Submission

MTE 2022 Sustainable Development Goals International Innovation Awards & Expo Opens for Awards Submission

SDG International Innovation Awards & Expo returns on the 17-21 October virtually. The event is the first in the region focused on recognizing innovations, initiatives, programmes and ideas which contribute to sustainability, eradicating poverty, improving well-being, protecting our planet, and building peace and prosperity. It is supported by Malaysia’s Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Science, Technology And Innovation, Ministry of Youth and Sports and International Federation of Inventors Association.

Incorporating the Essence of the 2030 Agenda With only eight years until 2030 and COVID-19 causing the world to deviate even more, our decisions today may lead to further breakdown and a future of perpetual crises, or they may lead to progress toward a better, more sustainable, and peaceful future for our people and planet.

SDG International Innovation Event commits to the goal of incorporating the essence of the 2030 Agenda into everything we do. The event brings together everything SDG-related, showcasing award-winning innovations; participants and visitors can benefit from the curated 5-day programme of knowledge-sharing sessions, technical presentations, dialogue, and forum. The sessions cover a collection of technological trends and innovations targeting specific industries or applications for organisations.

Innovation Marketplace MTE's platform for bringing new solutions to market. Hundreds of well-managed incumbent companies have lost market leadership to new innovations. Many businesses have used the Innovation Marketplace to begin their search for and meeting unmet needs. Therefore, it is important for business owners, company innovators and marketers to get a sense of how the tectonic plates of the innovation landscape are shifting in order to anticipate the new opportunities for their organisation.

Unity, Solidarity and Collective Action The MTE 2022: Sustainable Development Goals International Innovation Awards (SDG IIA) encourages unity, solidarity and collective action with the development of local solutions to local challenges. In 2021, the awards welcomed 206 submissions, 176 entries were shortlisted from Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. The event garnered 3,803 qualified trade visitors over the 5-day period. The issue of priorities and preferences will vary from country to country, depending on what they are struggling with and methods will be different too. Breaking down goals and implementation to sub-national and local levels is the only way to succeed in achieving SDG targets.

The awards are open to Innovators, Innovative businesses, agencies and organisations who have innovations, programmes, initiatives or ideas which contribute to the SDG, and create a positive impact on the environment, well-being, peace and prosperity. The 17 SDGs are spilt into 5 awards categories: Health & Well-being; Inclusivity; Human Capital; Environment & Natural Resources and Economic Growth.

Public Voting for the Best Innovation Award and Best Knowledge-Sharing Session For the first time, MTE will invite the public to help us select the best innovation in this year's SDG Awards; the event will be streamed live on MTE 2022 SDG International Innovation Virtual Event. SDG supporters and enthusiasts are encouraged to vote online and mobilise support for any outstanding innovations or participants from their own organisation. The audience can also vote for the best knowledge-sharing sessions that have piqued their interest.

Recognition and publicity for your innovations

  • SDG International Innovation Awards Certificate and Medal Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit.

  • Industry-wide recognition through media promotion.

  • 5 days (24/7) promotion of your winning innovation with image, video and content at MTE’s virtual platform

  • Opportunity to showcase your innovation on our EDM with a reach of more than 40,000.*

Important Dates Registrations are open now

Awards Briefing: 16 Aug 2022 Submission Deadline: 19 Sept 2022

Online Evaluation & Judging: 22-26 Sept 2022

Announcement of Winners: 21 Oct 2022

All of the innovations, initiatives, programmes, and ideas will be showcased in one spectacular display on MTE's virtual platform during the event. Share your creations with the world, as response and recovery planning for future generations is now more important than ever.

To learn more about this year's SDG International Innovation Awards, including how to enter, award categories, and evaluation criteria, visit


Award Submission Link:


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