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Malaysia To Ride on Industry 4.0 Wave

From left: Brende, Rafizi and Fabian at the launch.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Malaysian government today established a center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Malaysian Centre for 4IR) in Malaysia. The center will focus on digital transformation and fast-growing sectors including green energy transition.

The center was jointly launched by Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli and World Economic Forum president Borge Brende.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who delivered a video address before the launch said he hoped the center will prioritize two key areas – digital transformation and GovTech and energy transition.

“It is my wish for this center to further accelerate Malaysia’s transformation into an inclusive, digitally enabled and technology-driven high income nation and a regional leader in digital economy,” said Anwar in his pre-recorded speech during the event.

“The Malaysia Centre for 4IR will further strengthen Malaysia’s human-centered policy towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution and contribute towards our target of entering the Top 20 in the Global Innovation Index. We are confident that a resilience-oriented approach will also improve the nation’s People’s Wellbeing Index score and enhance productivity to create inclusive, balanced, responsible and sustainable economic growth,” Anwar added.

The center which comes under the aegis of MyDIGITAL Corporation will also focus on areas to accelerate Malaysia’s digital transformation and also the digital transformation of the Asean region.

There are 19 centers of 4IR in the world currently with the Malaysian outlet being the latest and the only one in the Asean region.

The Malaysian Centre for 4IR will play a crucial role in driving the advancement of the digital economy in Malaysia, with a focus on supporting the country’s digital transformation and advancements in fast-growing sectors including green energy transition.

The center will serve as a public-private platform, bringing together leaders from government, business, civil society, academia and other sectors to advance new partnerships and initiatives that can unlock the value of technology for Malaysia’s economy and society. The center is hosted by a national initiative aimed at transforming Malaysia into a digitally-driven, high-income nation and a regional leader.

Meanwhile, Rafizi said, “Today’s launch reflects a critical insight in Malaysia’s innovation journey: Innovation is a team sport and collaboration are essential. The economic case for innovation has become indisputable through the decades. The Malaysian Centre for 4IR shall act as a necessary impetus, starting with a dual focus of energy transition and digital transformation.”

Addressing the leaders at the launch event, Brende said: “Malaysia’s leadership in the region and commitment to driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution is commendable. Through the center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Malaysia, we are excited to work together with the government, business, and civil society leaders to unlock the value of technology for the benefit of all Malaysians. This partnership will not only drive transformation but also help build a more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient future for Malaysia and the region.”

MyDigital CEO Fabian Bigar said, “MyDigital team is proud to be entrusted with the responsibility of making center for 4IR Malaysia a success in achieving its goals. Prior to this, we have been dedicating our efforts to driving quality growth in Malaysia’s digital economy guided by the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint and National 4IR Policy to spur Malaysia’s transformation into a high-tech nation by 2030. The establishment of the center for 4IR Malaysia aligns with and further fortifies our initiatives to catalyze homegrown technology development by enhancing collaborative opportunities among stakeholders to unlock value in 4IR technologies, with a focus on supporting the country’s energy transition and digital transformation.”


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