Interview with Mr. Terence Tan from SIAA and Mr. Fanky from APTIKNAS

1. A brief introduction of yourself and the role you play at Robotics Charter of SIAA and APTIKNAS.

Mr. Terence: For the Robotics Chapter within Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA), we are a team of seven members with various experience in the field of robotics and our task focus on how we could help the adoption of robotics technology within the manufacturing and service industry. Singapore has the potential for the adoption of robotic technology in the automation projects and SIAA is working closely with some of the government agencies to take the lead for some of these demands.

With the focus on robotics technology as one of our key pillars, SIAA will work closely with our members to assist them to take advantage of the opportunities to upscale their domain knowledge in robotics application and to develop product and solutions that can be commercialized and market in the Asia region and beyond.

Mr. Fanky: APTIKNAS (Asosiasi Pengusaha Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi Nasional) Indonesian ICT Businessman Association, which has 29 Regional Advisory Council, with a distribution network of 2000 stores throughout Indonesia. APTIKNAS is the transformation of APKOMINDO (the former) and now becomes a new broadened and wider organization. APKOMINDO is 28 years old organization with extensive experiences in the field of ICT and very much well known in Indonesia while APTIKNAS has just been declared in Jakarta on February 24th, 2017.

We are optimistic this organization will become much bigger, stronger and able to contribute to economic growth in Indonesia, especially with the trend of smart city, IoT and the digital economy. Our members profile from Principal, distributor, dealer, system integrator, software developer, and ICT consultants. We have 3 main focuses in 2019 : (1) Smart City and Industry 4.0, (2) Marketplace and (3) Digital Talents. See the detail in www. . Currently, I am Chairman of APTIKNAS JAKARTA.

2. How do you foresee the growth of industry 4.0, IoT, Automation, and Robotics in SEA?

Mr. Terence: Industry 4.0 is here to stay and there is no doubt about this, throughout the years of Industrialisation in Singapore, we had experienced the various application of Industrial Automation in terms of the manufacturing industry from the focus of appliance manufacturing 30 years ago to high-end semi-conductor Wafer Fab Manufacturing and Bio-Medical and Pharmaceutical manufacturing within the last 10 years.

Through these years of industrialization, many Singapore based multinational companies and SME companies had built up their competence level in Industrial 4.0 application especially t