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Intelligence Manufacturing Solution Provider Fulkrum Interactive Announces MoU with Kanaz Holdings

Intelligence Manufacturing Solution Provider Fulkrum Interactive Announces Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Kanaz Holdings to explore the Japanese Market

In conjunction with Electronics Manufacturing Asia (EMAX) 2023 held here this week, Fulkrum Interactive signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kanaz Holdings to explore the Japanese market for the former’s intelligent manufacturing solution.

In his welcoming remarks, Fulkrum Interactive Managing Director Mr Mohd Izzat stated that the solution, called Vixiomatic Line Monitoring & Alert System, was developed with the assistance from MDEC’s Global Technology Grant, hence it’s fitting that it harbors global ambition signified by the signing. Indonesia & Philippines will be part of their international plan, with another MOU due to be

signed in Jakarta next week.

Kanaz Holdings, represented by its Director, Mr Azizul Hakimi, has deep links within the Japanese domestic and Malaysian markets through their various education, business and employment programs there.

With Fulkrum being part of the digital accelerator program under Digital Penang, The CEO of Digital Penang, Ts. Ng Kwang Ming, bear witness to the singing ceremony. “Digital Penang will help Penang startups like Fulkrum to grow globally with the ecosystem that we have,” he said in the opening speech.

Vixiomatic is an intelligent monitoring solution using vision intelligence and smartwatches to reduce manufacturing downtime. It is ready to be integrated with their key solution partners like Ideasparq (Autonomous Robots), Xfero (Blockchain), Makershop (IOT), and Quicdata (Sensors), each represented by their key personnel in this signing event.

About Fulkrum Interactive

Fulkrum Interactive is a Penang-based group of technology companies specializing in developing applications, websites, and providing customized solutions for government and corporate clients. The company leverages its expertise to create innovative and user-friendly digital products. With a focus on personalized service and a track record of successful projects, Fulkrum Interactive is a

trusted technology partner in Penang.

About Kanaz Holdings

Kanaz Group of Companies shared the best wisdom that will help to grow the potential of businesses in Malaysia towards global brand to improve the standard, develop competent Malaysian business using the technology and knowledge transfer from recognized methods around the world and to empower Malaysian businesses into global brand with our solution that will help them to compete with foreign market and creating better performance and services

About Digital Penang

Digital Penang is a government-linked company owned by the State of Penang, which began operations in April 2020 to accelerate efforts to capture opportunities in the digital economy and promote a digitally engaged society. To bring to life the Penang 2030 vision of a family-focused, green and Smart State, the journey of transformation will focus on driving digital adoption amongst the community, more data-driven governance, a diverse talent pool for entrepreneurship and investment, and a resilient digital infrastructure to sustain a liveable environment.


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