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Insight into Four Stunning Service Robots

The Amazon Scout, Samsung’s Bot Air, the Aeolus robot and a robot created in just 15 days are the four service robots that have been discussed in the article. Each one of them has unique features and has been created in different ways.

Amazon Scout is a self-driving service robot that is capable of delivering packages to customers at their door step. (Source: Amazon)

Creation of service robots has become common in today’s age. Not only companies but even youngsters are developing their own service robots. Leading companies are constantly competing with each other to offer better and more enhanced technologies in these robots. In this scenario, four interesting service robots have been discussed below:

Amazon Scout

This year, the popular E-commerce company Amazon launched six robots called ‘Scout’. These robots are in charge of delivering packages to customers at their door step in Snohomish County, Washington, USA. The self-driving device is the size of a small cooler and moves slowly on sidewalks. Equipped to navigate around people and pets, the Scout robot opens it flap only when it reaches the exact location of the customer following which the buyer can pick up his parcel from the device. For starters, an Amazon employee will assist the robot in order to ensure a smooth process. At present, the delivery robots only deliver during the day on weekdays.

Samsung Bot Air

The Samsung Bot Air is an automated air purifying robot which is capable of purifying every room in your home. White in colour and flanked with a black screen with oval eyes, the self-operating device works with the help of different sensors located at different places in the house to evaluate the air quality. Once it detects a drop in air quality, it immediately gets to work. For instance, if something is burnt on the stove or oven in the kitchen then a red light appears around the bottom of the robot and once the air is clear the red lights turns green.

Aeolus robot

AI-powered Aeolus from Aeolus Robotics is a home robot that keeps the house clean by undertaking numerous tasks such as vacuuming the floor, doing the dishes, picking up items up off the floor, moving chairs and other lightweight furniture, and many other household chores. It is also capable of going to the kitchen and getting a snack or drink for you. The device is still at a prototype stage however, one can have a conversation with the bot due to its embedded Alexa built in system. The cameras above its LED eyes can also learn faces, objects, and can associate locations with objects.

Wonder kid’s service robot

In India, a 12-year old wonder kid has developed his own serving robot to help the elderly with household chores and also to assist him in teaching his engineering students! Yes, you read that right. Mohammed Hasan Ali, a class eight student takes classes for civil, mechanical and electronic engineering students. He created the robot in just 15 days! Capable of taking voice commands, following a line and setting itself on automatic mode, the robot can serve food to the elderly in their homes. It can also be used to serve customers in restaurants and hotels.


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