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HP Brings Cutting‐Edge Design and Flexibility to Power Day-to-Day Operations in Vertical Industries

New HP Engage portfolio products enables healthcare, industrial automation, logistics companies to deliver convenient, secure, and specialised experiences

HP Malaysia has expanded its Engage portfolio to enable businesses in a variety of industries such as healthcare, industrial automation, and logistics to optimise operations and better serve their customers. The portfolio consists of the new HP Engage Go 10”, a convertible system built to thrive on-the-go and serve customers from anywhere, and HP Engage Flex Mini, an integrated control system for applications running day-to-day operations.

Over the last decade, businesses of all sizes have had to adapt and become more agile as the barrier to entry has lowered and competition continues to grow - requiring technology systems that integrate backend applications, robotics controllers, and consumer-facing business systems on a single interface. HP’s integrated systems offer enhanced experiences, maximum versatility and reliability while seamlessly blending into the environment.

“Businesses need to swiftly adapt to evolving industry conditions to improve the efficiency, safety and quality of the services they provide,” said Alex Tan, Managing Director at HP Inc. Malaysia. “The new HP Engage Go 10 and HP Engage Flex Mini reflect our commitment to deliver technology solutions that are flexible, reliable and secure to manufacturers, healthcare operators, and logistics providers. Combining sleek designs with options as a fixed integrated device or a mobile device, the Engage portfolio offers expanded capabilities needed to run a wide range of operations for these businesses.”

Elevating Experiences with HP Engage Technology

Whether in banking, healthcare, manufacturing or logistics, technology is essential to drive day-to-day operations. The Engage Portfolio serves business with flexible and cost-effective solutions across multiple industries that require reliable and flexible technology to support their workforce, run complex applications and ultimately, serve their customers. The Engage Portfolio enables even more self-service configurations with versatility and reliability being critical design components of the Engage platforms and peripherals, businesses can deploy these systems across a wide range of use cases including self-service, operational control, customer service and more.

The HP Engage Go 10” is a tablet that is perfect for use in banks and in hospitals. Compact and portable, it can reduce clerical errors and ease the data-intensive admission or registration process while saving time and increasing sanitisability of instruments. The Engage Go 10” has also achieved EN/IEC60601-1-2 certification, meaning it will not generate Electromagnetic Interference and is safe to use around patients and other sensitive devices which protects the health and safety of all users. The device also possesses a highly durable construction and can be frequently disinfected using a wide array of medical-grade disinfecting wipes.

In healthcare facilities such as hospitals, HP Engage Go 10” can be used for the following use cases:

  • By a patient’s bedside and for office visits - HP Engage fixed devices can be mounted to a wall or on a cart for bedside consultation. The mobile tablets can be carried from room to room.

  • As a pharmacy POS – Dispensing prescriptions, processing customer transactions and insurance claims, and managing inventory.

  • For patient data management - HP Engage devices can be safely and securely used to view and edit patient charts, manage patient intake, process payments insurance claims, and conduct clinician consultations.

  • In an ambulance – Securely carry patient data on the go with long battery life.

The HP Engage Portfolio which provides businesses with the ability to drive a wide range of operations from flexible options that can be fit almost anywhere. The power and performance of HP Engage Go 10” in such a small footprint brings versatility to fit the right applications across multiple verticals – retail, hospitality as well as healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation. The flexibility of the design and increased performance from the previous generations enables businesses to maximise valuable real-estate, as well as operations. Businesses can now drive both front-of-store and back-of-house operations, including point-of-sale, digital signage, surveillance systems as well as edge computing workflows.

As part of HP’s efforts to become the most just and sustainable technology company on the planet, HP Engage Go 10” is EPEAT® Gold registered in the United States and is also ENERGY STAR® certified. The Engage Portfolio aims to be the most sustainable integrated computing system available for businesses throughout Malaysia.

The HP Engage Flex Mini platform can provide features, durability, and flexibility like no other. With high degree of flexibility in specification configuration, the platform can be adapted to fit into any solution businesses need for any industrial application from medical lasers to surgical robots. The platform has been used as an OEM controller for medical devices, clinical lab instrumentation, patient self-check in kiosks, automated pharmacy systems and more. HP Engage Flex Mini provides many configurations that can fit manufacturers’ needs for powering and managing solutions.

With the platform’s inbuilt flexibility, businesses can seamlessly transition their devices between being mobile tablets or fixed computing devices through how the device is set up. The HP Engage Go can be paired with a HP Engage Go Dock to be locked down and tethered to other peripherals, which can be purchased to further enhance the usability of the Engage platform, such as:

  • Counter-mounted dock: Contains a connectivity hub that can be connected to a barcode scanner, a printer, or other counter-top peripherals

  • Mounts: The Engage Go can be wall mounted or counter mounted instead of being fully mobile

Security, Reliability, Flexibility

Designed from the ground up with security in mind, HP Engage portfolio comes equipped with the award-winning HP Wolf Security programme that protects the systems from the inside out for businesses that need to protect their most sensitive data.[1] Equipped with security features that protect the device from the BIOS level and a set of tools that provide layers of protection below, in, and above the OS to proactively prevent threats and quickly recover in the event of a breach.

Featuring up to a 10-year manufacturing and service lifecycle, HP Engage products future-proofs enterprise’s investments into fully integrating the portfolio into their business.[2] The extended lifecycle ensures consistent support and reduces certification costs while bringing down the complexity needed to integrate it into the businesses' workflow. A standard 3-year, next-business-day on-site warranty[3] is included and optional Care Packs[4] are available to provide further protection in case the product requires service.




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