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FILMTECH JAPAN: Japan's Largest Advanced Film Trade Show Announces Key Dates and Highlights for 2024

FILMTECH JAPAN, the world's leading trade show for advanced film and equipment, is set to make its mark once again at the INTEX Osaka from May 8th to May 10th, 2024, offering a unique platform for businesses to connect, explore the latest advancements, and source solutions for their next projects.

FILMTECH JAPAN handles all products, technologies, and services related to films, but the focus of this current session is on coatings. The future of the thin film coating market in Japan is brimming with potential across various sectors, including consumer electronics, tools & equipment, automotive, aerospace & defense, energy, and the medical industry. This growth is primarily driven by the surging demand for thin film coatings in consumer electronics, particularly high-resolution displays. Thin film coatings are prized for their superior functional properties and performance benefits, making them a game-changer across various industries.

One of the most exciting emerging trends impacting the thin film coatings industry is the use of these coatings in the development of flexible displays. Indium tin oxide (ITO), with its unique combination of electrical conductivity and optical transparency, is the dominant material for transparent conductive coatings in high-resolution displays.


Japan: A Gateway for the Global Advanced Film Industry

Japan's position as a global leader in innovation and technology makes it a prime gateway for the film coatings industry. FILMTECH JAPAN Osaka capitalizes on this advantage, attracting over 25,000 visitors and featuring more than 330 exhibitors (expected figures for Highly-functional Material Week Osaka) from the functional film industry – film manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and more – to network, exchange ideas, and showcase solutions.

FILMTECH JAPAN Osaka is a one-stop shop for everything related to advanced film technology. From industrial and decorative films to the latest molding and inspection machinery, the show offers a comprehensive overview of the global marketplace for cutting-edge film and equipment.

"FILMTECH JAPAN Osaka stands out as a truly unique event," says Hongying Zhu, RX Japan Int'l Marketing Specialist at FILMTECH JAPAN. "It's the ideal platform for businesses of all sizes to showcase their innovations, discover new partnerships, and gain valuable insights into the ever-evolving world of film coatings."


Highly-Functional Material Week: A Multifaceted Event

FILMTECH JAPAN Osaka is part of the highly anticipated Highly-Functional Material Week, a comprehensive industry event encompassing seven specialized fairs organized by RX Japan. In addition to FILMTECH JAPAN, attendees will have access to exhibitions focused on plastics, metals, ceramics, adhesives, paints & coatings, and sustainable materials & technologies.

Organized by RX Japan Ltd., pre-registration at Highly-Functional Material Week is mandatory for participation. Visitors are encouraged to register at the official website, explore the latest technologies, engage with experts directly, and seize the opportunity to find suppliers that can enhance the performance of your products or technologies.


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