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Encouraging Awareness Of Cyber Immunity, Kaspersky Officially Joins Malaysia IoT Association

Kaspersky, a global cybersecurity company that was founded in 1997, has now officially joined as a member of the Malaysian Internet-of-Things Association (MyIoTA), with a mission to contribute to maintaining better cyber resilience from IoT companies in the region.

MyIoTA is a national-level organization founded by a group of individuals and private sector companies, as well as enthusiastic people involved in the IoT scope chain in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

In collaboration with the Malaysian Digital and Economy Corporation (MDEC), this association is driving the country's digital economy, which aims to become Southeast Asia's digital hub.

The company said that Kaspersky's joining MyIoTA aims to help unite hundreds of organizations related to digitization and partner with other IoT associations in the region.

The hope is that they can interact with relevant local market players, unite understanding and needs in determining the most relevant solutions and technologies and are in demand by the market.

As a global cybersecurity company, Kaspersky also aims to share its technological vision with local companies and the IT community, as well as help more businesses in Southeast Asia take advantage of Kaspersky Cyber Immunity's approach.

We welcome Kaspersky as part of membership and expand the ecosystem of IoT solutions and service providers in Malaysia. IoT cybersecurity is one of the main concerns and challenges, especially when IoT is a forum for many countries towards a fourth industrial revolution and digital economic growth. Kaspersky's expertise in the field will be highly appreciated in the progress of this ecosystem," said James Lai, chairman of the Malaysian IoT Association in a statement received by VOI in Jakarta.

In this collaboration, Kaspersky and MyIoTA have joined efforts to identify corporate pilot projects, cyber immunity solutions for Smart City, which will be based on Malaysia's local IoT platform and Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateways.

The potential project will be developed alongside Adaptive Production Technology (APROTECH), a subsidiary of Kaspersky IioT, which provides IoT engineering and resources.

"Because the digital economy is one of the main flows of the national strategy, we believe our membership can bring good joint results to national leaders and the entire Southeast Asian region," said KasperskyOS Business Unit Head Andrey Suvorov.



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