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Emerson’s SEA Service Centre Cuts Flow Meter Service Turnaround Times by 80%

Emerson’s Southeast Asia Service Centre Cuts Flow Meter Service Turnaround Times by 80% with New Larger Calibration Stand

Emerson's expanded large size flowmeter calibration facility in Singapore. Revamped facility provides Southeast Asia customers with convenience, quality assurance, and accreditation for calibration

Emerson’s Southeast Asia Service Centre is expanding the advantage offered to its customers by adding the calibration of large flow meters to its offering, resulting in an 80% reduction in service and line downtime for customers in the Southeast Asia region. Updates to flow calibration services include increasing line sizes from .10 to 4 inches to a much larger 12 inches, which increases flow rates from 0.05 to 3,000 kilograms per minute, and increase flow up to 12,000 Kg/min. Prior to the addition of the new larger calibration stand, customers in the region’s oil and gas and chemical industries needed to ship larger sized flow meters to testing facilities overseas to diagnose, repair or calibrate their devices to factory standards. This process was not only time-consuming but costly, often leading to shutdowns and delays. Now the Southeast Asia Service Centre has resolved the problem by offering local calibration services for a broader range of instrumentation devices. This saves customers time and resources since support specialists can perform quality assurance, diagnostics, setup and repair on-site. As a result, calibration and service turnaround times can be reduced from two months to two weeks. Aside from the new calibration stand, Emerson support and technical specialists can now diagnose and troubleshoot flow meter problems and other customer concerns remotely in Asia. This reduces overall cost, speeds up operations and ensures safety for both customers and Emerson personnel in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Service Centre adheres to international standards, with an ISO 17025-compliant quality management system, which ensures that the laboratory meets the technical requirements necessary to consistently deliver technically valid calibrations. Accreditation from Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC), a signatory of ILAC-MRA, means that calibration results can be accepted in other countries without additional testing or verification. The existing service centre is compliant with Singapore Standards (SS) re-calibration requirements namely SS660, SS648 which are related to bunker cargo delivery. Emerson has been designated for the existing capability by Enterprise Singapore, Weights and Measures as an Authorized Verifier (AV). With the AV status, Emerson is authorized to seal flow meters once they are calibrated in the lab. This ensures compliance to regulatory and contractual requirements for flow meters used for custody transfer applications. Emerson plans to secure ISO17025 Accreditaion and Authorized Verifier status for the expanded capability as well. It also ensures metrological traceability and process reliability for laboratories and facilities from 14 Global Service Centres operated by over 400 local service specialists in 14 different regions worldwide.


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