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Conrad Maintenance Partners Softbank Robotics Singapore for Smart Facility Management Service

Singapore-based cleaning firm Conrad Maintenance has welcomed its new shareholder SoftBank Robotics Singapore (SBRSG), the Asia-Pacific Headquarters of SoftBank Robotics Group Corp, as one of the first Singapore partnerships in order to transform the cleaning services into a smart facility management service in Singapore as (Smart Business Transformation (SmartBX TM).

To drive innovation in the cleaning industry, SBRSG will support Conrad Maintenance in digitizing cleaning services with the use of robotics solutions, artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) sensors to deliver on-demand efficient cleaning services, Conrad Maintenance said in a statement.

According to the firm, the partnership aims to transform the cleaning industry especially in the face of the current tight labor shortage post-pandemic as companies look to use manual labor less and make smarter decisions about how, where and when to deploy machines.

Through this cooperation, SBRSG and Conrad Maintenance aim to transform the cleaning business by integrating and scaling with robotic solutions.

SBRSG will be able to accelerate the growth and adoption of “Cleaning Digital Transformation” through Conrad Maintenance and provide high quality and low-cost cleaning with substantial cost savings.

It is noted that advanced cleaning services utilizing robots have been proven to significantly reduce costs and improve cleanliness, allowing employees to gain new technical skills and work with new technologies.

Conrad Maintenance will therefore leverage SBR’s knowledge and experiences accumulated in a smart facilities management service. 

“With Conrad Maintenance on board as part of SoftBank Robotics Group’s portfolio company, we are pleased to launch our smart facility management service “SmartBX™” in Singapore bringing unparalleled automation, convenience and robotics solutions to their customers,” said Kenichi Yoshida, Chief Business Officer at SoftBank Robotics Corp.

According to him, this moves signals the true transformation of SoftBank Robotics to a Robot Integrator and a robotics services provider in the cleaning space while delivering the seamless integration of robotics, AI and sensors on top of cleaning efficiency and efficacy.

Raymond Ng, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Conrad Maintenance, said that the firm is excited to partner with SoftBank Robotics, the leader in the robotics solution industry.

“Due to the rising costs of labor and shortage in manpower, our partnership with SoftBank Robotics allows for enhancement of world-class cleaning services that will seamlessly integrate all our offerings into one user-friendly system making it easier than ever for us to manage our cleaning and facility maintenance solutions,” he said.

Founded in 2003, Conrad Maintenance is a firm providing cleaning services with the latest technology and robotics.

The firm is covering more than 50 sites in Singapore, mainly niche market such as oil and gas, logistics and manufacturing industries as well as a range of small, medium and large enterprises.


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