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Configure Low-Cost Linear Robot from Igus Online in Just Five Minutes

Drylin linear robot configurator makes entry into automation easier

Configure and programme a robot online in five minutes, receive an immediate price, perform function tests in augmented reality and download CAD data with technical drawings: the new linear robot configurator from igus makes this possible. Being connected to the RBTX robotics marketplace makes it easy to enter the world of low cost automation.

Picture PM6121-1 Automate quickly, easily and cost-effectively: the new online portal configurator from igus helps with this. (Source: igus GmbH)

With the new igus online configurator, line robots, flat linear robots and room linear robots of the drylin series can be configured. All you need is a browser with internet access. The user can then select a line robot from anywhere in the world. He can use virtual sliders to set the desired stroke lengths and see the 3D model of the linear robot, which adjusts to the slider changes in real time, in a 360-degree view from all sides. It is just as easy for the user to add the appropriate control system to the linear robot and thus create his ready-to-connect robot solution within a few minutes.

A fixed price, which also adapts to the configuration process in real time, is immediately visible. CAD models and dimension drawings are available for download immediately after configuration. Furthermore, it is also possible to programme the robot by entering a few parameters. As a digital twin, an animated 3D model then visualises the specified movements.

"With this function, we are following the motto, 'Test-before-Invest. This gives operators an online feel for robot movements and cycle times. So they get the results they want faster in reality because they can virtually test the hardware before they buy it." - " Alexander Mühlens, Head of the Automation Technology and Robotics Business Unit at igus

RBTX - The marketplace for low cost robotics

The drylin linear robot configurator is connected to the low cost automation marketplace RBTX, where various suppliers of low cost robotics pool their products and skills. Thus you will find not only linear robots, but also Scara robots, articulated-arm robots and delta robots. They can be combined with vision systems, grippers, GUIs, motors, sensors and control systems from various manufacturers. All components available in the configurator have been combined and compatibility tests have been carried out.

This means that users know that they are on the safe side with every configuration. "Automation is determining the competitiveness of companies in more and more industries. With the new linear robot configurator, we are moving closer to making it possible for small companies with limited resources to automate without high costs and time expenditure," Alexander Mühlens summarises. "This online tool is a first step to test products located on RBTX before you buy. For the future, we're thinking of a configurator that allows all the components to be married together in the marketplace and then tested before any investment is made."

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