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An Interview with Mr. Cheng Boon Seng, Chief Executive Officer of Elliance i4.0 Technology Centre

Co-Founder / Executive Director’s Background

Cheng Boon Seng has been serving in various industries since graduated at Tunku Abdul Rahman College in year 1995, where he also obtained the Bachelor Degree in Microelectronics from Campbell University, USA. Started as Automation Engineer in LKT Automation as a young graduate, where he put his programming skill into practice, he also gained much insight in Mechanical

Design & Assembly.

His programming & system design skill further polished in the later jobs as Test Engineer in Lemtronics (Paramit) & Automation Manager in BAFE, new skills gained in the jobs are Control System, EE, PLC & SCADA as well. He has good exposure to IT world when he spent few years in FGAC as System Administrator, where he single-handedly set up the Network System for the whole

organization, unknowingly, the IT knowledge he gained here has proven crucial for his later involvement in IoT and Industry 4.0 as these are the convergence of IT and OT.

He co-founded Elliance Sdn Bhd in year 2011, where he lead a team of talented programmers, system integrators & mechanical designers to help the industries to automate manufacturing process, implement cloud based & IoT application. His passion in Industry 4.0 has turned him into an Industry 4.0 evangelist for which he keeps himself occupied with sharing in Industry 4.0 seminars & guiding industries to implement Industry 4.0 in their plants & organizations.

1. Elliance i4.0 Technology Centre provides consultation to industrial players to embark on the IR4.0 and also enhancing the business opportunity between partners. In general, how does Elliance i4.0 Technology Centre benefit and help the industrial players?

Elliance i4.0 Technology Centre will benefit industrial players in providing services such as Technology Exhibition, Consultancy, and Technical Trainings. We welcome industry players to our Technology Centre to witness, to explore, and to experience first-hand on the latest, cutting-edge industrial technologies that will be suitable for integration amongst their working and/or operating space. If industry players are interested, they could proceed with our professional consultancy service, where we will provide suitable

and relevant consultation with regards to improving and upgrading industry players to a higher level of operational and production value.

We also provide technical training for industry players who wants to improve, upgrade, or enhance themselves with the latest knowledge on the market.

FMM, MPC & EEPC graced the opening ceremony

2. Recently, Elliance i4.0 Technology Centre has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoU) with the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) which also witnessed the collaboration between government agencies, higher learning institutions, and technology companies. Mind to share with us on this collaboration?

Our collaboration with MPC is monumental and important as it would allow us to be recognized and endorsed as an official collaborator with MPC, thus strengthening our credibility as a top provider of the latest technology services. The collaboration would strengthen industry players’ trust in our Elliance i4.0 Technology Centre.

Shop floor automation.

3. In comparison to other companies that provide the same services to industry players, what is Elliance i4.0 Technology Centre’s

forte as a consultancy and solutions provider in IR4.0?

Technology Centre exhibits the latest technologies that will instill better confidence amongst industry players. We are capable of housing these technologies, therefore we are also confident that we will be able to deliver these solutions to your doorstep.

4. Could you briefly explain on the Training & Hand-Holding programs focus on Industr 4.0, IoT, Big Data & AI that Elliance i4.0

Technology Centre provides?

These training programs started with the target audience of C-suite management level personnel, with a very highlevel coverage of knowledge provided. However, as years passes servicing the industry, we have also come to realize and produce a wider and deeper range of training programs, that aims more for the participants of the training to be able to walk away from the class with an excellent understanding of the content, and would be more confident in applying that knowledge in their respective operating


Industry 4.0 focused training facility.

5. Part of the activities that Elliance i4.0 Technology Centre provides is technology development on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

& Data Analytics R&D. In your opinion, how is the growth of AI and Data Analytics in Malaysia? What are the things that should

be focused on in the industry to elevate the implementation of these technologies?

The growth of AI and Data Analytics in Malaysia is applauded, however, the implementation aspect of it could prove to be a challenge for many an amount of industries. The industry should take upon chances to equip themselves better on the field of AI and Data Analytics, such as attending talks, seminars, even taking on self-improvement content sessions through the internet or classes, to enrich their knowledge on AI and Data Analytics, so there will not be any hesitation or doubt in choosing to implement it.

6. What is your opinion regarding the acceptance and execution of IR4.0 between the industry players in Malaysia, especially

amongst SMEs?

I feel that IR4.0 should not be wrapped in the stigma that it is only exclusive for companies that are LLC and above. IR4.0 is for everyone, and with the help through the resources of Elliance i4.0 Technology Centre, we are confident that we will be able to assist SMEs of any sizes. Industry 4.0 is the new future and we should all strive to look forward to it.

7. What are Elliance i4.0 Technology Centre’splans in expanding the business?

We are currently based on Penang, Malaysia, however, we are having projects across the West Peninsula as of right now, and we are planning to expand our branding and business across Malaysia. We also had projects throughout South East Asia countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, and even a project in Taiwan before, so going international is one of our biggest goals to achieve.

Technologies showcases.

8. Is the market affected due to the outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide? How does Elliance i4.0 Technology Centre deal with the current situation?

As of the COVID-19 situation, it is an unfortunate global pandemic that is affecting every single industry. However, we have taken several measures to ensure our services and products remain available by offering them online through the internet. That way, we are still loyal to our potential customers by remaining open for business, while not risking our team’s health and safety in the process.


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