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Advanced Technology Made Easy

High-precision height profiles and true 2-D surface images for diagnosis and documentation. The unique SmartRunner technology combines both in one compact device.

Laser Light Section Technology: Precise and Reliable

Complex vision systems are often used for high-precision identification and analysis of object shape and position.

These kinds of automation tasks can include quality control for finished components, positioning parts correctly on an assembly line, and aligning pieces before they are ripped by a robot. The vision systems used are notoriously difficult to set up and operate, and they require highly skilled users.

Pepperl+Fuchs’ new SmartRunner technology makes the functionality of vision systems available in affordable, easy-to-use digital-output sensors. Based on the proven light section method, SmartRunner technology employs a laser line and a camera to precisely detect height profiles using the triangulation principle.

Especially in difficult environmental conditions, the advantages of the light section method compared to a typical vision sensor become clear. So even with low-contrast objects like metal on metal or monochromatic plastics, no external lighting required. Different surfaces or colors and extraneous light also do not affect the measurement result.

The SmartRunner vision sensors can be easily adjusted using an intuitive user interface with operating wizards. The exchange and duplication are very simple and easy thanks to the parameterization via teach-in and data matrix control codes without specialist staff actionable.

The laser profile sensors are each optimized for a specific application area

SmartRunner Explorer:

The Specialist for Height Profile Output The SmartRunner Explorer offers the unique combination of height profile and 2-D image output in one compact sensor.

The device is able to capture precise height profiles and makes these available as raw data for further external processing. In addition, 2-D surface images can be output and used for diagnosis or documentation purposes.

It can be easily integrated into PC programs via Ethernet TCP/IP and the supplied DLL. This enables the individual implementation of applications such as the measurement or quality control of components.

SmartRunner Matcher: The Specialist for Profile Comparison

The SmartRunner Matcher from Pepperl+Fuchs is a compact, camerabased light section sensor that combines both the evaluation process and the interfaces in one device.

The device features a specially preconfigured

firmware that enables it to specialize in extremely precise profile comparisons. The user simply has to input the required reference profile using the teach-in mode.

After initial setup and configuration-the user simply inputs the required reference profile using the teach-in mode-the Matcher captures an image of each object’s line profile. Using LEDs and a 2D camera, the SmartRunner Matcher compares the current profile to the taught-in reference profile. When the canned profile matches the reference profile, the Matcher sends a “good” signal. When the profile deviates from the reference, a “bad” signal is sent.

With up to 32 profiles saved in the sensor, it is perfect for positioning, presence detection, and completeness checks of components on a conveyor. One advantage of SmartRunner technology compared with standard vision sensors is the lack of dependence on object contrasts. A 2-D vision sensor requires significant object contrasts for it to perform a viable evaluation. In comparison, the Matcher “sees” succinct shapes and edges, as the projection of a sharply defined laser-line enables clear and unique evaluations.

This makes the system noticeably less sensitive to disruptive extraneous light, reflections, and the influence of various object colors and surfaces. As a result, the SmartRunner Matcher light section sensor can cover a wide range of applications.

SmartRunner Detector: The Specialist for Precise Monitoring

The SmartRunner Detector precisely monitors sensitive machine parts. Using laser light section technology, even the smallest faults are reliably detected and reported.

In addition to the SmartRunner portfolio, Pepperl+Fuchs also introduces the SmartRunner Detector. This light section sensor is optimized for high-precision monitoring, detecting even the smallest of faults. The focus of the Detector is on protecting expensive components and increasing machine availability. It detects even the smallest unauthorized parts, overlapping, and overhangs.

The Detector reliably identifies objects with a minimum size of 0.25 mm in a trapeze-shaped measuring range with a width of 350 mm at a maximum range of 700 mm. Since the SmartRunner Detector evaluates both the laser line on the object as well as the background, the sensor results are always reliable.

Crucial Industrial Vision Simplified

Image processing is one of the most crucial and challenging sensor technologies of the future. Until recently, integrating vision sensors into practical applications was difficult and extremely expensive. The SmartRunner Explorer, SmartRunner Matcher and SmartRunner Detector by Pepperl+Fuchs offers ready-to-use vision sensors that can be implemented in a wide variety of industries and applications, providing cost and time-saving advantages over standard solutions in difficult sensing



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