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The inaugural Asia Photonics Expo Grandly Opened in Singapore

Organised by Informa Markets, the inaugural Asia Photonics Expo (APE), is successfully launched at Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore on the opening day. With an exhibition area of 15,000㎡, APE 2024 attracted 350 international exhibitors showcasing a wide range of sectors including optical communication, optics, lasers, infrared, sensing, and displays. It provides a comprehensive platform for business, technology exchange, and networking, enabling industry professionals to engage in meaningful discussions with leading companies and experts. APE 2024 aims to promote in-depth communication and business collaboration between professionals in the photonics ecosystem.

The opening ceremony of APE 2024 attracted numerous distinguished guests and industry professionals. Notable speakers included Mr. Yang Xiancheng, Founder and Executive President of China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE), Mr. Sukumar Verma, Managing Director, Informa Markets Singapore, Prof. Tjin Swee Chuan, Chairman of LUX Photonics Consortium, Dr. Prof. Yuhong Bai, Director of Light: Science & Applications, Mr. Perry Shum, President of IEEE Photonics Society, and Mr. Carlos Lee, Director General of European Photonics Industry Consortium.

On behalf of the organiser, Mr. Sukumar Verma shared: “Asia Photonics Expo is reflective not only of the strength of the local industry, but also the interest from international markets to come explore partnership and investment opportunities in Singapore and the wider Southeast Asia region. The trade show is further complemented by a range of industry conferences, academic forums and seminars for knowledge and networking.”

Echoing this, Prof Tjin Swee Chuan, Chairman, LUX Photonics Consortium said:” It is very heartening to have the first trade show for Photonics industry held in Singapore. This is especially significant for LUX Photonics Consortium where we have been focusing our effort to bring together a very engaging networking platform for both research, academia and industry locally to discuss, exchange and collaborate for novel photonics technologies adoption by industry.”

Adding on, Dr. Prof. Yuhong Bai, Director of Light: Science & Applications said: “The Asia Photonics Expo provides exhibition for worldwide optics and photonics enterprises, in particular showcasing the growth of Asian industry. Beyond exhibition, it is also a superior platform for learning, discovering and collaborating.”

Mr. Perry Shum, President of IEEE Photonics Society highlighted the importance of Singapore as a symbol of progress and connectivity: “It is here, in the heart of Asia, where the seeds of the photonics revolution take root and flourish. This expo transcends mere technological showcase; it stands as a crucible for collaboration and a catalyst for transformative innovation.”

Mr. Carlos Lee, Director General of European Photonics Industry Consortium expressed in his speech that: "APE is a comprehensive platform catering to the photonics industry and application fields. I hope APE is able to facilitate global exchange and collaboration in photonics technology, driving progress and innovation in the global photonics industry."

During the exhibition, APE will also hold a series of site tours for visitors to experience local photonics research and innovation centres. These events provide participants with opportunities to engage and stay updated on the latest trends and market opportunities in the photonics industry.


The success of APE 2024 will further stimulate growth in Asia's photonics industry and open up new prospects for the future. It breathes new life into the photonics industry, and we eagerly anticipate more innovations and collaborations that will drive the industry towards a brighter future.


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