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Smart Factory CMM Series Launched

Mitutoyo Japan has announced the new CRYSTA-Apex V 500/700/900 series pf coordinate measuring machines designed for smart factories.

The scope for application of precision measurement instruments is expanding, with increasing moves towards their introduction not only by quality control departments, but also in the processing workplace and related areas. Meanwhile, similarly to manufacturing equipment, with precision measuring instruments there is a growing trend to emphasize checking of operational status and of management and control of machinery frames using networks.

In an effort to respond to such market needs, Mitutoyo developed the CRYSTA-Apex V 500/700/900 series using new Smart Measuring System (SMS) technology for online monitoring of operating precision measurement instruments, with three applications. SMS technology enables visualization of various information and makes online monitoring possible for operational status and accumulated records of key parts, etc. Moving forward, Mitutoyo will drive the installation of SMS technology not only in CNC coordinate measuring machines, but also in other CNC measuring instruments. Leveraging IoT, Mitutoyo will support the realization of smart factories that conduct sophisticated management of information regarding production and quality.

The design of the CRYSTA-Apex V 500/700/900 series of innovative CNC coordinate measuring machines has been significantly updated from the company’s conventional CRYSTA-Apex series and include the following product features:

  • Smart Factory support that consolidate information management of the manufacturing process through a network.

  • Status Monitor (Smart Measuring System): Allows remote monitoring of the operational status of measuring instruments.

  • Condition Monitor: Allows preventive maintenance through monitoring of current condition of coordinate measuring machine.

  • MeasurLink: Reduces the production of defective parts through “Visualizing Quality.”

  • High accuracy (1.7 μm) and high speed and acceleration (maximum driving speed 519 mm/s, maximum driving acceleration 2309 mm/s², maximum measurement speed 8 mm/s.

  • Temperature compensation system that guarantees the specified accuracy within the wide range of 16℃-26 ℃ under certain environmental conditions.


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