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Revolutionizing the Next Century with Advanced Solutions for Industrial Sustainability

An Interview with Charlie Lim, Vice President (Industrial Components & Electronics), Phoenix Contact Southeast Asia

Charlie Lim is the Vice President of Phoenix Contact Southeast Asia, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of power and data connectivity solutions. He is responsible for driving the company’s growth within the Southeast Asia region in the core business of Industrial Components and Electronics.

1. Phoenix Contact is an established market leader in machine building and automation solutions. What is Phoenix Contact’s key to success?

The success of Phoenix Contact is built on the foundation of collaboration, innovation, and customer-centricity. For 25 years, here in Southeast Asia (SEA), we have embarked on a remarkable journey together with our customers, to actively address the challenges of our everchanging industry and develop tailored solutions that fit their unique needs.

Today, Phoenix Contact is a ubiquitous leader within the machine building and factory automation market. By embracing this customer-centric approach, we have not only established ourselves as a trusted partner but also as an industry leader that continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible. We are committed to setting new standards by continuously engaging with customers, understanding their evolving needs, and developing innovative solutions to deliver tangible value. I believe that moving forward, this virtuous cycle of collaboration and innovation will continue to spur the organization’s growth and influence within the industry.

TRIO POWER 3rd Generation - Your go-to supply for machine building

2. How is Phoenix Contact integrating sustainability into its solutions for the industrial sector?

As the manufacturing industry continues to evolve, so does Phoenix Contact. With our vision of an “All-Electric Society” and a strong focus on sector coupling, we are dedicated to innovating and developing solutions that advance the electrification and networking of all sectors.

From a development perspective, we are constantly exploring ways to merge the unique selling points across the best-in class products. The aim is to create greater value through a super league of sustainable product solutions that provide exceptional performance and functionality.

A remarkable example of this integration is the TRIO3 power supply with integrated circuit breakers. By integrating the DC circuit breakers within the machine’s built, Phoenix Contact is promising greater system availability of critical machines as the added feature not only ensures robust protection but, continuous power. This combination also eliminates the need for separate components, which offers significant cost benefits, particularly in the control cabinet market, where space costs a premium.

Another ground-breaking solution by Phoenix Contact is the “CharX” Power Supplies. These power supplies enable customers to build a high-power DC charging system within an astonishing 14 minutes (we’re not kidding). By simply adding a power supply 19” rack module, the system can scale from 30 kW to 150 kW effortlessly. This remarkable speed and scalability not only saves valuable time but also offers incredible convenience in terms of systems maintenance. If any module fails to meet expectations, it can be easily replaced, which minimizes downtime and ensures maximum system availability.

The aforementioned solutions only represent a glimpse of the highlights and innovative technologies that Phoenix Contact launches annually. With thousands of articles introduced each year, it is without a doubt that our contributions to the manufacturing industry remain extensive, even in the years to come.

CHARX Power Supplies - Charging technology for e-mobility

3. What challenges do businesses face with the transition towards industrial sustainability? How does Phoenix Contact address this and provide businesses a competitive edge over their competitors?

The transition towards industrial sustainability poses significant challenges for businesses, particularly when it comes to understanding the balance between its cost and value. It is not uncommon, especially in our industry, that many businesses struggle to differentiate between sustainable solutions that offer sufficient quality and those that provide higher specifications. In some cases, business owners may find it difficult to determine if they are paying too much for products with unnecessary features.

Consequently, the prevailing sentiment often breeds the notion of wanting “the cheapest option available,” without regard for its value. To overcome this challenge, Phoenix Contact has developed a comprehensive educational program that follows a structured tier-based approach. This journey equips businesses with knowledge about their applications and their specifications, enabling them to select products that offer the greatest value for their investment. While cost leadership is often a crucial consideration, it should not be the sole determining factor, especially when it comes to sustainability.

Here at Phoenix Contact, we firmly believe in offering a consultative approach to enable businesses to find the optimal fit for their needs. Beyond advancing our solutions for the future, we’re invested in empowering businesses to make informed decisions that balance cost-effectiveness with their sustainability objectives.

4. Looking ahead, what is Phoenix Contact’s priority for the next century as it continues to shape the future of electrical engineering and automation in our rapidly changing world?

Our foremost priority for the upcoming century revolves around the vision of the “All-Electric Society.” In this vision, we are recognizing the significance of establishing a sustainable world, which entails the transition to a net carbon zero environment. As renewable energy becomes a societal norm, so will the demand for sustainable control cabinets.

To advance businesses in this field, Phoenix Contact is providing tailored solutions for all needs. In Southeast Asia, our priority lies in executing knowledge transfer from our headquarters to our local partners and customers. We are leveraging the expertise across the different regions to innovate and create a sustainable competitive advantage for all stakeholders involved.

To initiate this process, the company has established The Application Center Singapore, which serves as a customer centric sales service provider for the subsidiaries in the Southeast Asia and East Asia region. This regional hub specializes in delivering application-based support, with a keen focus on providing prompt technical support and solutions through a consultative approach.

Structured training programs are also offered by the Application Center Singapore, alongside sales enablement media materials, including informative demos and engaging videos. To ensure effective communication, the center also provides local language support, bridging communication barriers with colleagues of a different first language.

The Phoenix Contact SEA headquarters in Singapore is also expected to move its premise to a new location in October. This milestone not only offers a more expansive office space but also marks the birth of our dedicated Customer Technology Center (CTC). This center will serve as the heart of our customer-centric approach, fostering stronger connections and deeper understanding between us and our valued clients.

From turning insights into tangible innovations to nurturing enduring business partnerships, Phoenix Contact Southeast Asia is dedicated to providing exceptional experiences in this era of connectivity and sustainability. To find out more about our industry leading solutions and customer service support, contact us at


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