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MTE 2022– COVID-19 International Innovation Awards

A Virtual Event | 20-24 June 2022 |

Following a brief respite from rising cases in the fall, omicron, the newest and most transmissible Covid-19 variant, is tearing its way across the globe, causing spikes in cases within days. It feels like 2020 all over again as governments implement familiar safety measures. A return to normal is still elusive, as it appears that 2022 will be the third year in a row marked by fear and confusion, positive tests, and near misses. We are in much better shape now than we were at the beginning of the pandemic. We have learned a lot more about how Covid-19 works. We have developed effective masks, vaccines, boosters, treatments, and rapid tests. In this new 'normal', there is an abundance of innovations that help with all aspects of our lives.

COVID-19 International Innovation Awards (a virtual event) part of the MTE 2022 year-long innovation awards program is scheduled to return on 20-24 June 2022. The awards are created to acknowledge and celebrate all innovations in response to COVID-19.

Who can participate?

The awards are open to any Institutions of Higher Learning, Research Institutions, Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges, Healthcare Providers, Organizations, Leaders, and Individuals who have innovations, ideas, or implemented creative ways to minimize the impact on public health, livelihoods, and limit disruptions to economies, supply chains and way of lives.

Recognition and publicity for your innovations

  • COVID-19 International Innovation Awards Certificate and Medal Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Merit.

  • Industry-wide recognition through media promotion.

  • Promotion of your innovation with image, video, and content at MTE's virtual platform

  • Opportunity to showcase your innovation on our EDM with a reach of more than 30,000.*


Registrations are open now

Awards Briefing: 12 April 2022

Submission Deadline: 10 May 2022

Online Evaluation and Judging: 19-22 May 2022

Announcement of Winners: 24 June 2022


  • Building & Construction

  • Business Models, Marketing & Branding

  • Communications

  • Economy & Employment

  • Education

  • Government & Policy

  • Health & Fitness

  • Humanitarian Support

  • ICT

  • Materials & Packaging

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Non-Profit & Social Enterprise

  • Prevention

  • Testing

  • Transport & Logistics

  • Treatment

  • Vulnerable Group & Community Support

To find out more about this year’s COVID-19 International Innovation Awards, how to enter, and to see last year’s winners, head over to


Organized by:

PROTEMP Exhibitions and Conferences Sdn Bhd (SSM No. 199901017179)


Office +6 03 6140 6666



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